Agenda Local 21
Local Agenda 21 is a tool to establish a diagnosis of the environmental state of a municipality, city or town and take corrective measures with the participation of the population. The lines and priorities of the municipal strategic plan to achieve a sustainable development of the municipality or town are defined by the citizens.

As defined by Decree 123/2002 of 4 October on the implementation of Local Agenda 21 in the municipalities of the Balearic Islands (BOIB No. 123, of 12 October 2002), a Local Agenda 21 is a global management system operating in the short, medium and long term that by means of an Action Plan establishes economic, social and environmental objectives that can be measured and assessed periodically to achieve the sustainability of the municipality and a better quality of life for citizens through the active participation of a Citizen Forum.

The municipality of Santa Eugenia is currently in the process of implementing Local Agenda 21.

At present, the Local Agenda 21 process in the municipality of Santa Eugènia is in the intermediate phase. The diagnosis has been validated by the corresponding regional specialized committee and ratified by the permanent commission of the Balearic Environmental Commission. According to the Decree 123/2002 on the implementation of the Local Agenda 21 in the municipalities of the Balearic Islands we are now entering the Action Plan phase.

The Santa Eugènia Town Hall, with the collaboration of the company LMENTAL SOSTENIBILIDAD Y FUTURO, is starting to develop and write a Local Agenda 21 Action Plan for the municipality of Santa Eugènia.
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