Welcome to Santa Eugènia Town Hall’s website

Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit Santa Eugènia to turn virtuality into reality. Dear fellow citizens The Town Hall has launched a new tool so that you have a better knowledge of the town of Santa Eugènia and a vehicle for two-way communication. On this website you will be able to submit your suggestions, improvements, ideas and, of course, complaints in order to improve the town and the site. Our goal is that the site becomes a tool that enables you to better grasp the reality of Santa Eugènia and its people, customs, traditions, fairs and festivals.

Email adress: ajuntament@ajsantaeugenia.net
Phone number: 971-144397
: 485962 4385856

Source URL: https://www.ajsantaeugenia.net/welcome-santa-eugenia-town-halls-website